Carpet Cleaning Tips:

Useful tips on keeping your carpet & upholstery looking great.

1.  Your carpet should be vacuumed 2-3 times a week.

2.  Check your vacuum bag to make sure it is not full.

3.  Use mats in high traffic areas.

4.  If you get a spill on your rug, soke it up with a old white towel.  Then add         water and soke it up again.

5.  Act fast on spot removing, and test a spot removing product in  a      inconspicuous area for potential color fading.

6.  Vacuum under area rugs to remove dirt that found its way through.

7.  Have your rugs cleaned professionally a least twice a year.

8.  After a professional cleaning, make sure protective blocks are under all furniture to avoid color transfer to carpet until it is completely dry.

Carpet Cleaning Tips

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