Flood Damage

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Our flood damage cleanup services are available for both commercial flood damage and residential flood damage.  IICRC certified in flood damage restoration.  State of the art drying equipment.

Emergency flood damage service that includes: pump out, wet carpet removal, structural drying, mud removal, flood damage repair, flood insurance direct billing.

What to do when you have flood damage: Shut off the electric to room that is flooded. Don't pump out a flooded basement to fast due to the risk of a implosion of the exterior walls. All wet contents need to be removed fast.  Commercial drying equipment will run on the job for at least 3 days.

Call the flood damage repair crews that get the job done correct.  A handyman or general contractor do not have a IICRC water damage restoration education.  They also do not have the correct drying equipment to do the job.  This will ultimately cause more damage such as mold.  Homeowners insurance most often does not cover mold.  Make sure the job is done by a flood damage restoration expert!

Flood damage that is caused by outside water touching the ground and making its' way into the house is only covered by a flood insurance policy and NOT homeowners insurance.  We recommend that a homeowner get  a quote first before calling in a claim to their insurance company.  If the job total does not cost more than the policy deductible, the insurance company will pay nothing out and count it as a claim against you.

Flood Clean Up

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