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Our professionals here at Tri State Flood Inc specialize in flood damage repair. Our technicians are thoroughly trained, certified and licensed to handle any and every flood damage you might encounter whether Residential or Commercial. Water damage can happen for a variety of reasons such as but not limited to torrential rains or weather conditions, busted pipes, sewage backups, toilet overflows, sump pump failures, and roof leaks from storm damage. Water damages tend to happen when you least expect it which can be quite overwhelming. But that’s where Tri State Flood Inc comes in to deal with the headache for you and keep you at ease. Call us right away for your flood damage needs (800) 790-6202

Out technicians at Tri State Flood Inc use the newest and latest industrial equipment to ensure quality work for our homeowners and business owners. Our crews properly extract, drop equipment, dry out and reconstruct anything that was damaged. The technicians take moisture readings to ensure there is no chance for mold growth. It is highly recommended to handle any water damage as quickly as you can. Call us directly (800) 790-6202 and we can be out to the property within the hour of the call. We deal directly with insurance and we can bill them directly.

At Tri State Flood Inc we are available 24/7 365 days of the year to handle any and every flood damage need you have. Our crews will come out, extract any water present on the premises, use dehumidifiers and air blowers to remove the moisture from the air and circulate the air throughout the vicinity to ensure proper drying to structures. Once everything is dry they will take the moisture readings to make sure you are not at risk for mold. We highly suggest not to deal with the flood damage on your own. We recommend that you call our professionals immediately to eliminate further damage that could occur while waiting or handling yourself with improper or insufficient drying equipment. Don’t wait call Tri State Flood Inc right away (800) 790-6202

Our truck-mounted units make it convenient to extract the water and remove it from your property. We have seen it all so there is no flood damage too big or too small for Tri State Flood Inc. Please be aware of the safety concerns if stumbling upon your water damage. If celling is collapsing from a water damage from an above level do not go into the room. Do not try to use a regular vacuum or shop-vac if there are power shortages or outages as it could be dangerous and can cause a shock to your body. Unplug all electronics and make sure the electricity is off when entering a room with flood damage. We ask that you let us at Tri State Flood Inc take care of you, we want to ensure the safety of our homeowners and business owners. Don’t hesitate to call. Let us do all the dirty work for you, it’s why we’re here! (800) 790-6202