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At Tri State Flood Inc we are capable of handling your water damage needs quickly and efficiently. Our crews are IICRC Certified and will extract all water from your home or business, remove the wet carpet if it is not salvageable and lay industrial dehumidifiers and blowers to ensure your property is being dried out correctly and quickly. Any contents damaged in the event of your water damage have a chance of being saved. Our technicians will bring your contents to our warehouse where we will restore your contents that unfortunately have been damaged. As long as it’s clean water that has affected your basement majority of your items or contents salvageable. If it is sewer water it must be discarded due to the bacteria that contaminates your belongings. For more information on your flooded basement call us right away (800) 790-6202

Our truck-mounted water extraction equipment allows fast and easy access to the property allowing us to serve you better in a timely fashion for your basement water removal. We at Tri State Flood Inc will work with you or your insurance company to make this process as quick and efficient as possible. We offer insurance billing direct to keep our homeowners at ease without having to worry about anything but themselves and their property whether residential or commercial. We understand that no one is ever really prepared to deal with a situation like this but that is why we are here to help. The faster we begin working the faster your property will be back to normalcy. Call (800) 790-6202 and we’ll have a crew at your property in 60 minutes or less.

Here at Tri State Flood Inc our customers’ safety and satisfaction is our main concern. Please do not try to take care of the water damage on your own. If you do not handle your flooded basement correctly you might be making matters worse. Industrial drying equipment is needed to ensure a proper dry-out service leaving no room for moisture in the air to prevent mold spores from starting to grow. If not dried properly there could be more of the property that is wet than what you only see by the naked eye. That’s why here at Tri State Flood Inc we make sure every inch of the property is secure and dried out to provide a safe and clean environment for our customers. To speak to one of our Professionals call us at (800) 790-6202

At Tri State Flood Inc we strongly urge you to act fast when it comes basement water removal. The quicker you resolve the issue the less amount of the property will be damaged. The longer you wait the damage can become more expensive due to the severity of the water damage. Most water damages from flooding disasters happen to contain an overflow of sewage which is hazardous to the health of everyone in the residence or business. Our crews at Tri State Flood Inc are certified for sewage water cleanup where are crews would clean your property with an antimicrobial scrub that will sanitize and disinfect from hazardous waste or bacteria that could potentially cause health issues. Call us right away, don’t wait any longer! (800) 790-6202