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At Tri State Flood Inc we pride ourselves in the reputation we have built our company up to be. Our customers are valued and informed throughout the entire process of Soot Damage Cleanup. There can be a number of reasons to cause soot damage. If your fireplace, chimney or oil burners are not properly maintained and cleaned regularly you might wind up experiencing a puff back or soot damage. Another reason to cause this would be a fire damage. Soot can spread into the tiny cracks of your home that you might not even think of or even be able to see. It can affect your contents, electronics, furniture, and can also be a threat to your health if not handled properly. Please call us right away to take care of your soot damage cleanup (800) 790-6202.

Our trained, licensed and professional crews at Tri State Flood Inc are fully capable of handling your soot damage. Do not try to handle this on your own, trying to clean it yourself can cross contaminate other areas of your home or business which can result in more damage and become more expensive. We understand this experience can be very overwhelming but with the help of our technicians it will help keep you at ease while we do all the dirty work. Call us right away (800) 790-6202.

Our IICRC Certified professionals at Tri State Flood Inc can help to salvage any items that might have been damaged. Content Restoration is available for any important items or furniture that may have been damaged including electronics. We provide document restoration as well for any important paperwork that might have been damaged as well. We at Tri State Flood Inc like to act quickly on containing the damage and preventing further damage to spread. To speak our technicians please call us (800) 790-6202.

Here at Tri State Flood Inc we work directly with your insurance company to prevent adding any extra headache on your plate. We handle small and large damaged losses for both Residential and Commercial losses, no job is too little or too big. We want to ensure a safe living space or working space for all of our customers. We are available 24/7 365 days a year to handle your soot damage cleanup. Call right away for immediate service (800) 790-6202.

We at Tri State Flood Inc strive to keep our customers aware of the serious risks of trying to handle this on your own. Soot can sometimes be invisible and airborne particles can enter into your bloodstream if you are subjected to the soot damage. Once that happens there are many things that can pose a risk to your health such as Asthma, Bronchitis, Cancer, Heart Attacks, Strokes, Respiratory Problems and unfortunately premature death. This is why it is important to have our professionals at Tristate Flood Inc handle it for you. Don’t wait and don’t hesitate to call (800) 790-6202