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Dehumidifier Rentals: Tri State Flood Inc has Dehumidifier rentals that are designed to remove water and/or moisture. from the affected area. Dehumidifiers prevent mold growth to areas that have been affected by a water damage. Call (800) 790-6202 for pricing.
Carpet Blowers/Air Mover Rentals: Tri State Flood Inc has Carpet Blower rentals that are used to dry the floor that was affected quickly & efficiently .Air movers are another word for Carpet Blowers. They are designed to increase the circulation of air which speeds up the time to dry out and evaporate the remaining water. Call (800) 790-6202 for immediate service.

Air Scrubber Rentals: Tri State Flood Inc has Air scrubber rentals which are used to remove chemicals, gasses and or
particles. Air is drawn in from the surrounding environment and have to pass through filters to remove the contaminants the air could contain. An air scrubber is best known as a portable filtration system. Call (800) 790-6202 for rates and scheduling.

Water Pump/Water Extraction Machine Rentals: Tri State Flood Inc has Water pump rentals that are used to pump out the water, or to prevent flooding from occurring. Water extraction machines are another word for Water Pumps. They are used to extract the water that is on site. Call (800) 790-6202 to speak to one of our professionals.

Electric Generator Rentals: Tri State Flood Inc has Electric Generator rentals that are used if you are experiencing a power outage and or if the power in your home cannot sustain the drying equipment needed to perform the work correctly. The generator allows the machines to run if there is no other source of power in the house. It allows you to handle your water damage accordingly and gets the process done without days of waiting that could cause mold growth. Call (800) 790-6202 for further information.

Trash Pump Rentals: Tri State Flood Inc has Trash pump rentals that are used to remove water that contains solids such as mud, leaves, sand, twigs, and/or sludge. Call (800) 790-6202 for quick response.

Mold Fogger Rentals: Tri State Flood Inc has Mold Fogger rentals that are used to remove mold spores within the air of the affected structure. It also removes mildew and helps to kill off bacteria and viruses contained within the mold spores. Call (800) 790-6202 for more details.
Submersible Pump Rentals: Tri State Flood Inc has Submersible pump rentals that are typically used if the water is still rising. It will pump out the water as the water is coming in to prevent an area from getting completely flooded if it already isn’t. The motor on this pump is waterproof and is safe to leave running during a water damage. Call (800) 790-6202 for rates.