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Here at Tri State Flood Inc we pride our business because we believe in complete customer satisfaction. Our technicians are licensed, insured and fully capable of handling any size sewage backup & sewage cleanup. Our technicians have been taking care of all types of sewage cleanup, disinfecting and drying for many years. They are equipped with all of the necessary equipment to handle any kind of loss. The safety of our customers is very important so it is imperative that our customers understand the severity of the health hazards sewage can bring upon if not handled properly. The IICRC states anything touched with raw sewage must be removed due to the high bacteria level. These items can include but not be limited to contents, carpet, carpet padding, drywall, wall panels etc. Our technicians operate 24/7 365 days of the year and can provide emergency service at any time. Call us at (800) 790-6202 for your sewage backup & sewage cleanup today.

Many different things can bring on a sewage backup & sewage cleanup. Some of the reasons are but are not limited to severe weather conditions, toilet overflows, busted sewer pipe, city sewer backup. Please be aware that not all sewage backups are covered through homeowner’s insurance. If it is not a covered loss we can arrange a payment plan that works best for you. If it is covered through your homeowner’s policy we can rid you of the headache and bill insurance directly. We work alongside of you and your insurance carrier and trusting in us to minimize the loss and keep costs at a reasonable rate is an important part of our business. If you need a sewage backup cleanup please call us right away at (800) 790-6202

Call our specialists at Tri State Flood Inc right away should you have a sewage backup. We will remove any excess standing sewage water with their portable units and will also remove any damaged or contaminated belongings. Containment will be set up for your safety to prevent cross contamination to the unaffected areas of your home or business. Our technicians will assess all aspects of the damage before the start of the cleanup to make sure our customers are aware of the extent and what will need to be done in order to bring their property back to normal. Contact us right away for your sewage cleanup needs (800) 790-6202

Our staff here at Tri State Flood Inc want to provide our customers with a worry free experience for their sewage cleanup needs. Our staff has, and always will strive for complete customer satisfaction. Our reputation here at Tri State Flood Inc has many testimonials proving we are industry leaders in our field of work. The biggest investment a person could make is to their home or to their business and it is our job to make sure we gain the trust of our customers to know that we can handle every aspect of their sewer damage within a timely manner will impeccable results. Contact us immediately after suffering from sewer damage & sewage backups so avoid additional damages and cross contamination. Call us at (800) 790-6202